Lease a Home

Maybe you're waiting for the perfect house to hit the market, or simply are not ready to purchase. Whatever your situation may be, rest assured that I will help you find the perfect rental property. Whether you're interested in a house, condo, or apartment, I will be there to schedule and guide a property tour and help you throughout the leasing process. Leasing a property has never been this easy and the best part is that this service comes at no-cost to you!

I understand that you have neither time, nor patience to waste with expired listings, spam calls and emails from websites that just want to mine your data. I respect your time and will be as swift as possible to find you a rental that fits your criteria and budget.

  • Ready to lease?

Having the following items ready for your lease application will make securing your next space a breeze.

Please keep in mind that everyone over the age of 18 will need to submit an application:

  • Proof of income, typically 3 times the monthly rent (this may be combined).

  • Know your credit score and be prepared to discuss as needed. If you need a free copy of your credit report visit

Have copies of the following key documents:

  • Lease application (I'll provide this).

  • Driver's license.

  • Paycheck stubs.

  • Proof of any additional income.

Other information to have handy:

  • Past rental history.

  • Past job history.

  • Pet information, including type, size and breed, and vaccination status.